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Hi, I’m Ruping. I am a San Francisco based UI / UX designer who is actively seeking new opportunities.

I was born and raised in Beijing China and moved to the US after graduating from college. Before I switched my career to design, I was a public school teacher in San Francisco for 3 years. With my past experience, I’ve developed strong time management and presentation skills, and more importantly, a deeper understanding and sense of empathy with other people. At the same time, I also practiced design in my spare time as a hobby by doing freelance work, which finally inspired me to become a professional designer.

Back then, I was designing curriculum to bring the best learning experience to my students, now I am working on human-centered design to create digital products for a broader group of people. I’m curious about how people interact with this world and I’m passionate about solving problems. I believe a thoughtful product with intentional designs will bring a positive impact on people’s lives and make things easier.

Apart from design, I enjoy taking photos, digital drawing, traveling and spending time with family and friends. I always love to connect with new people and talk about design or anything.


You can find me on LinkedIn or Dribbble, or simply shoot me an email👇 Also check out my resume.

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